4th of july

The 4th was’nt very eventful. We stayed home and watched movies because it was very hot out. Around dusk we set out to find a spot to watch fireworks. We found a great spot!   We were far enough away that the loud noise didn’t scare Ej (who did great at the fireworks for only being a month old) and we still had a great view.

Alex story of the day:

Yesterday morning while I was going to the bathroom Alex and I were talking about camping.

Alex: Do they have a potty at camping?

Me: Some camping places have bathrooms but some don’t.

Alex: Do you have to leave camping to go poop?

Me: No, you can go poop in the woods when your camping.

Alex: (as serious as a 3 yr. old can be) Mommy you are not a dog you can not poop out side!

I proceed to explain how it’s alright while camping and that you dig a hole and cover it up. The topic is dropped and not discussed again until…

We pull into the parking lot of the store near were we picked to be our firework viewing spot.

Alex: Mommy I have to poop.

Me: ok let’s get our spot picked out and we’ll find a bathroom.

Alex: No I can go right here mommy, like camping I’ll dig a hole! (said in an almost pleading way)

I explain to Alex that you can only do that in a forest. He fought a convincing argument but in the end he used the bathroom.

I love Alex to death! He always keeps me on my toes with how smart and creative he is.


About ajandejsmommy

Today I read a blog post from my favorite author (http://blog.patrickrothfuss.com/2012/06/the-opposite-of-fathers-day/) and it made me think I should start a blog about my boys. I have a horrible memory and want to remember my boys growing up and all the fun crazy things we do together. I plan on updating 3 times a week if not more.

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